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The New NextendIT Page is Here!

Your success is our priority. Based on the feedback we have gotten from you, we have collected and put together the essential information about NextendIT. Now, you can find everything you need one click away.


NextendIT – one solution for many issues

If you have never heard of NextendIT, let us explain quickly what it is.  

The main goal of nextpertis team is to provide our customers with services and technical solution with overcome bottlenecks and slowdowns in testing processes, so we can assure continuously fast and robust releases.  

Planning, organizing, coordinating, automating, executing and maintenance of E2E testing is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the release trains and NextendIT gives a great advantage to every project.

What is NextendIT? 

NextendIT is our testOps solution that orchestrates and enables automation of end-to-end activities. Moreover, it works on top of physically disconnected Tosca Repositories which facilitates and accelerate enormously the whole software delivery process.  

By importing as many test artefacts as needed from pre-existing Tosca repositories into NextendIT, all teams can easily build fully automated end-to-end flows and make sure that the test artefacts in them are always up-to-date. Companies of any size can thus comfortably go through their agile transformation, also with a team setup that adheres to different methodologies. For more information, look at our previous news post

To give you a better overview of our testOps solution, we have dedicated a new page to it. There, we summarize how the application works, and show you its best features and outcomes. 

Your individual NextendIT journey 

Divided into three major steps, you will also find your likely path to follow once you want to integrate NextendIT into your business. We call this the NextendIT journey. 

Of course, each journey looks different in detail, as our testOps orchestrator does not just come as a ready-made solution. According to your current situation and requirements, your NextendIT path will differ. However, to give you a clear overview of what to expect throughout the process, we have defined and explained the three steps (consulting, technical setup, training) on our new page. 

Your feedback flows onto the page 

Though our NextendIT site is online, it is not finished yet because our goal is to further expand and adapt it with your feedback. 

Communication and collaboration are at the heart of our company, which is why it is especially important to us to create solutions and services that fully meet your expectations. And this also applies to the content we publish on our website. Therefore, do not hesitate to reach out to us and share your thoughts about the site with us. We would appreciate it. 

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