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NextendIT – Your TestOps Solution

NextendIT is a testOps orchestrator, which allows you to organize multiple test executions independently within CI pipelines. It enables continuous testing and thereby supports you with accelerating delivery, while keeping your project's quality.

Why NextendIT? 

In general, NextendIT is a testOps solution which supports agility especially in big setups by 

  • enabling agile teams to work with multiple test repositories, and 
  • enabling continuous testing and monitoring by orchestrating all your test executions, including end-to-end (E2E) chains. 

Software testing is often not considered in digital transformations, mainly due to the uncertainty of how to handle E2E testing with multiple teams. This is why, with NextendIT, we want to finally close this gap and enable smooth modernization journeys for our customers – no matter of their project’s size. 

NextendIT allows various agile teams to store their test artefacts in multiple repositories and to build and execute E2E chains with them. By that, our testOps solution allows even large enterprises to organize a proper E2E test strategy within the teams. 

Agile E2E testing in huge projects 

NextendIT enables cross-team E2E testing, regardless of a project’s extent. That way, you can introduce the agile test methodology to your teams without worrying about E2E testing.

It generally works on top of all your repositories and thereby orchestrates your E2E executions while keeping the workload in your agile teams low. This is possible because your agile teams work exclusively with their preexisting test artefacts in preexisting test repositories.

How it works

Allowing your teams to gather their test artefacts in their own test repos already simplifies and speeds up their day-to-day work. NextendIT lets your teams use them further to build E2E chains. With only minimal adjustments to their test cases, your agile teams can then put them into E2E chains and have them run automatically. 

This handling allows more frequent executions of E2E tests and ensures that the test artefacts do not need to be updated at the last second. That then results in less investigation time for your teams on the one hand and saves them overall infrastructure maintenance efforts at the same time. 

Moreover, it enables to determine more frequently when the final product is to be launched and in which areas changes, updates, or improvements need to be made. 

Multi-repos: Less maintenance work, faster system 

Our testOps solution introduces multiple test automation environments to your teams and therefore lets them work faster and more efficiently. For instance, it allows your agile teams to execute regression tests for both their own functionalities and the whole E2E test chains regularly. In that manner, your teams can be sure that their test cases are always up-to-date. 

Furthermore, the multiple, smaller repositories give your teams an overall better overview of their test artefacts and the opportunity to easily reuse them. Therefore, the chance of test cases being duplicated and excessively filling your repos is eliminated. This, again, lowers maintenance work, saving you a lot of time and budget resources.

Close the knowledge gap while ensuring continuous testing 

NextendIT is a testOps orchestrator that highly supports agility and automation in larger setups. According to the agile test methodology, developers and testers work in parallel and they always know about the current status of the project. That promotes communication among each other on the one hand and strengthens their teamwork on the other. 

By splitting the E2E test responsibility and assigning it to various agile teams, you also make sure that no team must worry whether they have enough expertise. If someone needs test cases to be built for certain aspects, the respective team will be responsible for taking care of them. This way, you automatically avoid knowledge gaps. 

In addition, this modern methodology is the latest trend in today’s digital market. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being behind. On the contrary, with Agile you are on par with the competition and, in combination with NextendIT, you are even one step ahead. 

However, it is not necessary to be an agile expert to get started with our testOps solution. In our Academy, you will find training programs to shape agile test specialists. Our experts will also gladly enable your digital transformation and accompany you through it. Let’s write your success story together! 

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