QA & Testing Consulting

We provide our customers with top notch consulting services in the field of QA and testing. Our goal is to discover the gaps in the development and testing process, create a solid test strategy with a clear plan, reduce costs and increase the efficiency of testing.

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To improve the usability for our customers doing their testing we develop a great and helpful tool called nextendit. If you would like to get more information about our test case management tool just visit the product website:


Training & Coaching

The proper skill set, and knowledge base are important part of applying a quality assurance strategy successfully. Around this idea we have built the nextpertis.Academy, where we give our trainees, partners and customers the opportunity to join.

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Personal Leasing

We know how hard is to find the right specialist for your project. nextpertis GmbH has built a strong name in providing our customers with high level QA and testing professionals.

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