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We accompany you through your digital modernization and turn QA and testing processes into trusted advisors that overcome existing challenges for you.



We have built a strong name in providing our customers with high-skilled test automation and testOps professionals for their projects. Let our experts work with you for as long as needed.


Let your team benefit from our various training programs, held by highly experienced coaches, so they gain the needed knowledge and skills to successfully implement a QA strategy.


We master technical solutions that accelerate delivery and embrace quality at the same time. NextendIT enables continuous testing strategies and orchestrates your testOps activities with little effort. 

your TestOps solution

NextendIT is a testOps orchestrator that enables cross-team end-to-end testing, regardless of the company’s size, and optimizes it by fully automating the process. It synchronizes independent Tosca repositories and makes test artefacts reusable for all teams. NextendIT minimizes maintenance efforts and thus allows high-speed delivery of excellent projects.


testOps – the future of testing

TestOps has quickly gained popularity in today’s market, as it is the modern way of testing. It combines quality assurance, operations, test automation and the best testing practices during software development in order to achieve fast delivery of innovative software without sacrificing its quality. 

Our 3 Key Values


1. Enable your digital modernization with testOps

We remove the bottlenecks in testing with utilizing testOps and enabling agility. This includes providing you with a proper QA and testing strategy. Thereby, we make sure that you can deliver high-quality software to your end customers on time and within budget. 

2. Rely on our technical expertise

With our strong technical proficiency, we help you understand the agile testing methodology and its processes as well as everything that comes with testOps. 
Our employees have proven experience in test automation, automating processes and operation, constant monitoring, etc.


3. Fulfill your project while building experts

Our focus is to bring long-lasting success to our customers. That’s why we offer a team full of dedicated testOps specialists who will help you with realizing your ideal project while sharing their know-how with you. So, we’ll hand you over a fully functioning project and a team of skilled employees who have the necessary knowledge to keep the project’s success.

Partners and Customers

What Our Partners Say About Us

“I have been working with the team of nextpertis GmbH for several years now and yet I am always impressed anew by their great expertise, communication skills and overall professionalism. I definitely recommend cooperating with them without any reservation.”

Markus Schaffer

CEO & Co-founder of Sheyn

“Working with nextpertis, I was able to fully unfold on a technical level. I have learned how QA actually works and can now apply it to my own customers as DevOps Engineer. I have also experienced that team cohesion is a top priority at nextpertis and this is reflected in their work.”

Paul Merker

CEO & founder of CodeZenith Consulting

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Utilize testOps with NextendIT and make sustainable release your routine


testOps goes beyond automating tests and extends it by automating QA processes in addition. These processes are integrated into CI/CD pipelines, which leads to continuous testing. As a result, the delivery time is reduced greatly – which is what businesses nowadays are looking for. 

If you want to learn more about how it works, look at our white paper.

NextendIT is a testOps orchestrator, which allows you to organize multiple test executions independently within CI pipelines. It enables continuous testing and thereby supports you with accelerating delivery, while keeping your project’s quality. 
Try it out for yourself and schedule a demo!

The best approach is to get in touch with us, and provide us with information about your personal requirements, so we can come up with the best skill set and level of experience you need for your project. Simply write us a message or call us at +43 1 430 20 60.

Before we can suggest any improvements to you, we need to assess your project and the challenges you face. Our consultants will furthermore present the best possible solutions, as well as a set of instruments to measure your improvement progress. 

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In the modern digital age, businesses need to be up to date and able to operate flexibly. TestOps is the right approach. Our highly skilled professionals can set up personalized training sessions that contain a lot of practical examples from the real life, and lead you through the learning process at your pace. 

If you are interested in our coaching programs, call us at +43 1 430 20 60 or write us a message. 

Tosca covers various aspects of testing tasks, and using them all together in the proper way enables you to utilize Tosca in the testOps environment. 

For instance, it enables building maintainable automation test cases, scheduling test executions and plugging them into CI/CD pipelines. If you wish to gain more detailed information on the testing tool, call us at +43 1 430 20 60 or write us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.