We empower continuous success by enabling digital modernization

We offer a full stack of services and solutions to master testing processes oriented to business. TestOps is the right approach for bringing your corporation to a leading position in the modern digital market.


Our understanding of consulting is to enable your digital modernization in the best possible way by providing you with our technical expertise on long-term and reducing your overall costs. We offer highly skilled consultants with proven experience in QA, test automation, methodologies, and operations, while using Tosca. They will assess the challenges in your project and provide you with the best possible strategy to overcome them. We split strategic and operative activities in a way suggested by agile methodologies. As a result, we remove the bottlenecks in testing and transform it into a trusted advisor.

 What we can do for you: 

  • Equip you with the perfect QA and testing strategy for a guaranteed ShiftLeft result
  • Enable agile E2E testing for large projects 
  • Enable your digital transformation into agile 
  • Enable low code applications testing
  • Enable your entry into testOps with NextendIT


Personnel leasing was yesterday. Modern trends require focusing on knowledge – and this is what we do. If you need long-term professionals for your individual project, you have come to the right place. Based on the needed skill set and level of experience, we equip you with a team full of passionate experts, who come with proficient knowledge in test automation and with a strong understanding of agile.

For instance, the team can do the following tasks for you: 

  • Enable test automation with Tosca
  • Ebable API test automation with Tosca and Postman
  • Enable process automation and DevOps
  • Constantly monitor and evaluate the quality of your project 
  • Help you to fulfill your QA and testing strategy 

This team is 100% dedicated to your project and will stay with you for as long as needed. 



We go above and beyond to bring continuous success to our customers. In case your project requires it, we are eager to provide you with specific training programs for your employees. In this manner, they can build the same expertise as our testOps specialists, so they can carry on your project in the future on their own. 

Our training programs are the perfect mixture of theory, best practice and learning-by-doing with plenty of examples coming from real life.

The programs are designed in a way that trainees gradually build confidence in their new abilities and know-how to apply them in real life. In addition, we organize various workshops that are based on actual events and can be held as stand-alone modules. 

Moreover, our Agile Test Engineer program is a good fit if you are looking for uplifting your skill or jump-start a new career in Agile QA and testing.

TestOps Lab 

In our testOps Lab, we provide you with numerous custom technical solutions to overcome all challenges you face. We do not only have a strong expertise in testing tools like Tosca but also in tools like Jenkins, GitHub Actions and GitLab CI, etc. and we are happy to provide you with all-round support, including extensions of these tools if needed. 

We know how to set up servers in the cloud and enable continuous deployment, so that any changes in the code will be pushed automatically through various stages of the development cycle.

On top of that, we can successfully build metrics as a ground for proper quality gates. 


The Process

Your success is our priority! 
This is how we will support you and bring your project to life: 



Step 1: Assessing your project

We define all the requirements your project needs and specify the challenges you will have to face in order to realize it. 
The more information you give to us about your expectations, the better we can assess your project. 

Step 2: Creating a proper strategy

For secure, well-functioning software, you need to have a plan. By implementing our profound knowledge of QA and testing strategies, we will provide you with one that helps you overcome all the challenges you will have to face.



Step 3: Presenting custom solutions

With our high-level knowledge of testing methodologies (including agile), as well as test automation and all aspects around it, we supply you with custom tech solutions of all kinds. 
Besides testing and QA processes, we possess a deep understanding of Tricentis Tosca and its whole automation framework, which helps accelerating end-to-end testing a lot.

Step 4: Setting up a team with Hands-on mentality

Based on the needed skill sets and levels of experience, we will equip you with a team of passionate testOps experts. This team will, for instance, enable test and process automation for you, evaluate your quality practices and help you to implement the best QA and testing strategy.


Step 5: Building your own team

Over the years, we have built wide expertise in the testOps environment as well as in agile testing, and we cannot wait to share our know-how with your employees. If your project requires, we offer various training programs to your employees, so they can carry on the project in the future on their own.

Regardless of your current state and your goals, we will provide you with the best options for your needs. Let’s write your success story together today!