Making sustainable releases
a routine

Leave your customers captivated and your competitors speechless by releasing continuous quality at high speed. NextendIT enables cross-team end-to-end test automation for all setups and thus allows a fulfilled delivery within budget.

Allow fast and smooth digital transformations

NextendIT goes above and beyond and enables collaboration even between teams that use mixed methodologies by synchronizing their repositories. Digital transformations therefore become uncomplicated paths.

Enable E2E test automation and minimize maintenance efforts

Our testOps solution enables cross-team test automation by allowing all teams to build E2E execution chains with test artefacts from independent Tosca repositories. By synchronizing different Tosca repositories with one another, NextendIT makes all test artefacts reusable and thus minimizes maintenance efforts.

Monitor your release trains 24/7

With NextendIT, responsible teams or team members always have an overview of the delivery’s progress. There are 3 different dashboards providing all important details about all E2E chain’s current states.

Achieve high-speed delivery and quality improvement

By plugging all executions and QA processes into CI/CD pipelines and additionally adding a retry mechanism, NextendIT greatly accelerates delivery and improves quality at the same time.

Save time and resources for new features or projects

NextendIT allows you to save time and resources in testing by dropping manual and duplicated work, as well as by orchestrating all testOps activities within multiple systems. All teams can continue using Tosca as a testing tool and only expand it with NextendIT.

value in numbers

Reduce maintenace efforts by

by reusing test artefacts from multiple Tosca repositories

Reduce manuel efforts by

by automating E2E test chains, QA processes, and operation elements

Increase delivery speed

thanks to continuous release testing

Save over

thanks to continuous release testing

How Does It Work



Create (test) events

First, it must be agreed which test cases from the individual teams are required for E2E testing. Each team can then import their impacted test cases into NextendIT. To do this, NextendIT only needs the data of each Tosca repository to be able to access it. Each imported test case is automatically saved in NextendIT as (test) “event”.

Build tasks

The teams can combine their individual test cases (= events) as they wish in the form of “tasks”. Tasks are containers that hold one or more (test) events and can be named as desired. This is for a better overview of the functionalities. With the tasks, the E2E execution chains can be built.



Set up E2E chains

In the “Chains” screen in NextendIT, E2E scenarios can be created in the form of chains with the help of the tasks and quality gates given by the application. To do this, the teams simply need to connect the respective tasks to the automated quality gates using drag-and-drop and set certain requirements (e. g. 90% minimum share of positive tests). The E2E chains can then be named as desired, and a description can be added for even better understanding.

Choose between execution possibilities

Once the E2E chains are created and saved, it is on to the execution. This can either be carried out immediately or scheduled for a later date. In that manner, it is possible to have E2E scenarios tested regularly and even during the night. In case something goes wrong, NextendIT provides the option for automatic retry. Therefore, with NextendIT, the release process can be fully automated.


Orchestrate your executions via the dashboards

Once the executions are started or scheduled, all E2E chains can be seen in one of the three dashboards. There, all team members can always gain insight into the status of their E2E chains. It shows their execution’s progress, the number of positive tests, and much more.

Top Features


Orchestrate E2E executions with elements from different repositories

Access and reuse test artefacts from different, isolated Tosca repositories and build E2E chains for execution with them.


Enable cross-team E2E test automation

Connect multiple test artefacts with automated quality gates and an automated retry mechanism to fully automate release testing. Start the execution immediately or schedule it for another time.


Create lean up releases with risk-based testing

Reduce E2E efforts (preparation, execution, investigation, etc.) with the right strategy and therefore save time and resources.


Achieve continuous testing and consistent quality

NextendIT allows plugging all E2E chains into CI/CD pipelines and letting the executions run regularly and even during the night.

Always know what’s happening through constant monitoring and real-time feedback

The dashboards “Running”, “Scheduled”, and “Completed” show all E2E chains that have been created, as well as their status and their progress. In case something goes wrong, the detailed chain view provides all team members with detailed information about the reason for the failure.



As part of our solution, we provide you with our testOps experts to guide you through your digital transformation and set up NextendIT for your specific project needs. Since your success story is our highest priority, we also offer training sessions to teach you how to get the most out of your projects with our testOps orchestrator.

This is what your NextendIT path will look like:

Step 1



  • Assessing your testOps maturity level via checklist
  • Setting up a proper strategy
  • Implementing the strategy together

Step 2


Technical Setup

  • Infrastructure planning
  • Tosca configurations
  • Additional customizations

Step 3



  • Training programs for the whole team
  • Access to the NextendIT documentation

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