5 ways how testOps enables your digital modernization

TestOps is the perfect combination of QA processes, operations, test automation, and the best testing practices during software development. In this environment, one is able to deliver innovation as soon as possible.
In other words, testOps enables your digital modernization.

Accelerate delivery

TestOps embraces business-oriented testing and turns it from a bottleneck to a trusted advisor. By putting the focus on risk coverage, it provides business with fast answers of whether their application or service is ready to be delivered to the end customer. Furthermore, testOps enables test automation and combines it with continuous testing.  This is a significant time-saver as it greatly speeds up the test execution process.

Enable continuous testing

With regular test execution of each change in the code, testOps assures not only the quality of the system, but also of the test cases themselves. Detected problems can be removed immediately while reducing investigation time during the test executions. 
By constantly testing someone’s system as well as their test cases, testOps enables accelerating the whole delivery process and assures top-notch quality software. Moreover, testing from the beginning enables the early detection of defects and adaptation to changes, which results in lower business risks. 

Enable consistent quality

In the testOps environment, test engineers can embrace QA strategies that contain clearly defined, measurable quality gates at every stage of the development cycle. The QA processes are integrated into CI/CD pipelines, which means that the analyzing procedures are executed repeatably in small cycles. This decreases business risks to the bare minimum.

Enable constant monitoring and alerting

Constant monitoring and alerting enable stakeholders to work with immediate, actionable feedback from the system, which is the basis for fast and efficient testing. In case a quality gate is not met, there will be an instant alert informing the right person, so they can take care of it as soon as possible. In this manner, stakeholders can receive a report and take appropriate action without having to wait for a full testing cycle to be completed. 

Switch the focus to risk coverage

With testOps, the overall focus is shifted from test coverage to risk coverage, allowing for a quicker and more accurate determination of whether the product can be delivered.  This switch allows stakeholders to receive trusty answers right after the test execution. So, there is no need to wait until the test results are analyzed anymore. Agile testing handles these risks by establishing priorities, importance, and assessments. 

Our Expertise


Continuous testing

We integrate and orchestrate automation test execution into CI/CD pipelines and work with actionable feedback, as well as with 24/7 monitoring and alerting, which greatly reduces business risk.


Risk-based testing

With testOps, we switch the focus from feature to risk coverage, so we can give quick feedback to our stakeholders. This reduces the time-to-market and budget. 

Agility & Flexibility

We transform testing from a bottleneck to a trusted advisor by accelerating delivery, detecting and fixing defects in early stages, and being able to rapidly switch priorities. This saves time and reduces risk in the long-term.

Tosca beyond creating automated test cases

We know exactly how to integrate the Tosca framework with all its components into an agile environment. NextendIT extends the capabilities of Tosca over multiple repositories and enables plugging them into CI/CD pipelines.

Quality Assurance

We set up a QA and testing strategy with measurable quality characteristics to improve predictability and avoid defects before they occur. So, our customers can deliver the product to their end consumers on time and within budget.

Testing of low code applications

Following the newest trends, our team has built a strong hands-on experience in test automation for PEGA, including utilizing PEGA API and Salesforce with the Tosca framework.

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