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nextpertis Started A Partnership With Tricentis 

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Tricentis! Get ready for advanced automation and continuous testing at incredible speed.  

nextpertis & Tricentis  

Complex projects require good handling by skilled experts who work quickly and flexibly. But this would not be feasible without a handy box of tools for test automation. Our practice proved that Tricentis offers the best tools in the market to support our specialists and customers. Therefore, it was a logical step forward for us to expand our collaboration with Tricentis, and unlock new perspectives and advantages for our customers.  

With specialists who are always up to date with the Tricentis products, we will manage to improve and expand our services, thus accelerating the overall delivery of our customers’ projects. In this way, our customers can always say with good conscience that they are being taken care of by professionals who know how to master Tricentis products. 

We have summarized the top three advantages for our clients that come with this partnership:  


TestOps masters with expert resources  

Through years of experience in agile software testing, we were able to design intelligent solutions for our customers that help them overcome their challenges while bringing their projects to life.  

The real-time continuous testing platform Tosca by Tricentis helps us to unfold our skills to a great extend. With this tool in combination with our expertise, we are able to automate, administrate, and optimize testing projects, and provide our customers with well-functioning, secure products in a minimum of time. 

With only one tool, we are able to cover various layers of the application. To give an example, we cover the web services level with it to reach proper integration testing and overall sped-up delivery. 

Moreover, we figured that, with its given opportunity to automate executions, Tosca is the adequate tool to integrate into CI/CD pipelines in order to achieve fast speed. With our broad expertise, we can additionally extend the tool if needed. 


First-class agile transformation  

In order to keep up with one’s competition, it is important for enterprises to always stay up to date with the latest market trends. The agile testing methodology is one of them.  

Thanks to our deep understanding of it and years of experience, we can confidentially apply it to our customer’s projects and accelerate delivery. As you may have guessed, Tricentis comes with a practical set of tools which we put to use. 

With them, we can ideally lead the digital transformation of our customers if required.

Number 3  

Tosca customization and extension  

Together with our customers, we write their success stories. To bring them to market-leading positions, we never hesitate to run an extra mile for them. Therefore, we do not only use Tosca as it is.  

We possess the necessary skills and know-how to go beyond the technical restrictions of Tricentis Tosca, and to customize the tool in the way our clients need it. Creating custom modules, for instance.

Why not see for yourself? If you want to learn more about how we can support you, call us at +43 1 430 20 60 or schedule a free consultation session with our specialists! 

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