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A Night In Semmering: Memories From Our Team-Building Event

Besides enjoying working together, we love to organize fun team events that draw out our inner children. To savor the last days of winter, we decided to have an adventure in the snow.

Pictures from our trip

How did you spend the last winter days? We took the chance for an exciting team-building event. At the end of February, our employees from Hungary and Austria got together to really enjoy the cold season one last time, while spending a great night together. Here is a small excerpt from our photo album full of beautiful memories:

Get your sleds. It’s time for a team-building adventure!

In the office, we often sit for hours in front of the computer, so it was important to us that our team event not only provides fun but also exercise.

Our snow adventure took place in the beautiful Semmering in Lower Austria. We equipped ourselves with sleds and dressed warmly before racing down the slope.

For some employees, this was their first time on a sled, while others already had some experience in it. But all together as a group, we mastered the track without any problems. This really made our team bond.

Recharging our power in a cozy restaurant

After the first hours of pure action, we took a rest at a nearby restaurant. Our entire team was served with a generous dinner to boost our energy. There was a lot of chatting and laughing while we filled our bellies with delicious dishes of traditional Austrian cuisine.

The crowning finale

To round off the evening, the party continued in a close by hotel. We enjoyed good drinks and played some fun games. “Here’s to great teamwork!”

Fast-forward, after a nutritious breakfast the next morning, we headed back to our office.

What a fun team-building activity!

This was definitely an unforgettable team-building event for all of us. We can therefore say with a clear conscience: Anyone who has not yet tried night sledding should surely go to Semmering once. It is without a doubt worth it!

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