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Exciting Announcement: Our New Website, New Logo, New Identity

We've widely grown in knowledge and experience while strengthening our position in the market. Now, it is time to unveil our refreshed brand identity.

Growth begins within

Over the years, each of our experts has gained more experience and deepened their technical knowledge. As a result, we have developed a faster and more effective approach to apply QA and testing tasks. Because of this, our people have re-defined our services to offer our customers the best possible solutions. 

With every growth from within comes change in behavior and style. Therefore, we figured it is time to change our digital identity as well. So, after many weeks of hard work, we are thrilled to finally announce the launch of our brand-new website! 

What is new?

With our updated website, we have created a more user-friendly platform that provides a bunch of new features to our clients. In addition, the new website is faster than ever before, easy to navigate and comes with a fresh design. 

Our goal is to provide our visitors with clearly defined services and solutions that are easier to access, as well as to enhance regular exchange with our community. Moreover, we have improved our company page, where you can now learn more about the backstory of our company. Also, our career site now includes a good overview of our vision, values, and benefits. 

Our highlight: Blog, News and White Paper

We value our clients and want to build trusty, long-lasting relationships with them. So, why shouldn’t we use our new website to support achieving this goal? Introducing our brand-new features: News page, blog page and free white paper! 

Always be informed about us

We forge long-term relationships with our clients, which is why we constantly want to share with them what is going on in our enterprise. So, on the news site, we will announce any changes in our company as soon as they occur. In this manner, you will always be the first to know.

Read all about the digital world

If you are interested in the vast world of technology, you should definitely visit our new blog. There, we discuss all important digital-related topics, such as what businesses nowadays expect from companies or how to achieve more efficient testing and faster release. We also invite our audience to suggest questions they would like to talk about and to share their point of view. 

Free pieces of knowledge

The fast growth of our customers is just as important to us as it is to them. Therefore, we provide our clients with helpful technical information that they can put to use and conquer today’s market. 

On our new website, we are currently offering a bite-sized insight into the vast world of modern testing. And the best part of it is you don’t have to pay us a cent to access it. 

In this guide, we have defined the challenges that test engineers have to overcome these days, explained what testOps is and talked about how it can be utilized to bring long-lasting success to your company. Click here to download our white paper for free! 

A site for the best way to your success

We have worked very closely with our clients in the past years to make sure that we fully understand their expectations of the digital industry. And we have great news, because we have found the perfect solution for the current business needs: testOps

TestOps is the latest trend in today’s market when it comes to software testing. In short, it is the way to assure faster delivery of high-quality products to market than ever before. We talk about its framework in detail in our white paper

Because testOps is so important nowadays, our visitors now find an entire page on our website to the subject. There, we share five ways of how it enables their digital modernization and turns software testing into a trusted advisor. 

Let’s write your success story together!

Now that you know what we have changed, why don’t you give our website a try? Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think! We are excited to hear your opinion.

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