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Postman Ceritfication. Another Jewel in Our Portfolio

To prove our skills and vast understanding of API testing our team joined the certification program of Postman Academy and we are proud to announce that first certificates are already fact!

Building experts means high quality services to our customers

API testing becomes crucial for the success of every project and Postman is one of the well-knows platfoms which supports test automation of REST APIs. Following this trend, nextpertis team made a deeper dive into world of Web services to expand its expertise in this field with adding one more tool to our portfolio.

We believe that gradually building skills and practical expertise is the key to provide the best cost-efficient services and solutions to our customers.

After our complete team got certified as Tosca Automation Specialist for API lined with hands-on experience in different automation project, it has been seen as logical expansion to build expertise around other tools. Complex projects usually involve different technologies and require good handling by skilled experts who work quickly and flexibly.

With specialists who are always up to date not only with Tosca but with the Postman API platform as well, we believe that we can bring high value to the projects we are working on and thus accelerating the overall delivery process. In this way, our customers can always say with good conscience that they are being taken care of by professionals who are experts in API testing.

What is Postman?

Postman is an API Platform which simplifies each step of API lifecycle and enables test automation of Restful APIs. With its capabilities and easy-to-use interface, Postman is one of the most preferable and wide spread tool for test automation on API level, used by both developers and test specialists.

What is API testing?

API testing is a type of software testing that analyzes an application program interface (API) to verify that it fulfills its expected functionality. The tests are performed either directly on the API or as part of integration testing.

The API testing usually involves web services, either REST or SOAP, which relates with each other and are logically separated by data and graphical interface (GUI).

Web Servies enables the communication exchange of data between different software programs. An application typically consists of multiple layers, including an API layer which contains the business logic of applications, defining requests such as how to make them and the data formats used.

Main advantages of API testing

As main effect of switching testing focus from GUI to mid-tier layer is unlocking agility in your project. Some the most noticeable benefits of involving web services are:

Test and Risk Coverage

By involving web services in your testing strategy, you can achieve very fast high test automation and/or risk coverage.

Reducing GUI Test Automation

Approaching test automation from the GUI side comes with numerous of challenges caused by constant increase of displaying devices. In addition, there are industries where representative interface is constantly changing which makes API testing even more crucial.

Shift Left

API testing allows to start testing earlier, therefore detecting and removing defects at earlier stage of development process.

Low Maintenance Efforts

API testing means stable and faster executions; by reducing number of co-called false-positives, we reduce time and efforts to investigate them and therefore overall costs.

Faster Deliveries to the Market

by providing prompt feedback on the current state of the system, API testing enables fast and continues deliveries (releases) to the end customer.

TestOps masters with expert resources

Through years of experience in agile software testing, we were able to design intelligent services  and solutions for our customers that help them overcome their challenges while bringing their projects to life.

Equipped with proper tool set for automation helps us to unfold our skills to a great extend. This, in combination with our expertise, enables us to automate, administrate, and optimize testing projects, and provide our customers with well-functioning, secure products in a minimum of time.

If you want to learn more about how we can support you, call us at +43 1 430 20 60

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