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  • testOps: The Next Era In Software Testing

    testOps: The Next Era In Software Testing

    Market trend No. 1: testOps Our digital world is constantly changing and evolving. With its rapid growth, much has changed in the market, and new trends are constantly emerging that companies around the world have to keep up with. More and more organizations have already digitized their services and products and equipped them with high […]

  • The New NextendIT Page is Here!

    The New NextendIT Page is Here!

      NextendIT – one solution for many issues If you have never heard of NextendIT, let us explain quickly what it is.   The main goal of nextpertis team is to provide our customers with services and technical solution with overcome bottlenecks and slowdowns in testing processes, so we can assure continuously fast and robust releases.   […]

  • How NextendIT Closes The E2E Gap

    How NextendIT Closes The E2E Gap

    Quick overview: the main challenges in E2E testing  In my previous blog post, I already explained some of the main challenges that large companies face during their digital transformations. For a quick overview, I list them again below:  Challenge 1 There are usually multiple teams working on a project (delivery) and using different development methodologies: […]

  • NextendIT: Designed To Solve Real Problems

    NextendIT: Designed To Solve Real Problems

    What is NextendIT? NextendIT is a testOps orchestrator that enables and optimizes E2E testing activities while keeping test artefacts from different systems in their own databases (repositories). In practice, it allows several teams to have multiple test executions independently within CI pipelines.  By utilizing NextendIT, all teams can work with multiple test repositories and achieve continuous testing, even in […]

  • NextendIT – Your TestOps Solution

    NextendIT – Your TestOps Solution

    Why NextendIT?  In general, NextendIT is a testOps solution which supports agility especially in big setups by  Software testing is often not considered in digital transformations, mainly due to the uncertainty of how to handle E2E testing with multiple teams. This is why, with NextendIT, we want to finally close this gap and enable smooth […]