Quality assurance 

Quality Assurance is a discipline, which is focused on implementing and continuously improving developing processes in a way that the risk of introducing errors and defect into the application is decreased to minimum. The QA activities are spread but not restricted to the following areas: 

  1. Development Processes
    • Improve work between different roles in agile teams
    • Testing processes aligned with development
    • Visibility of work and impediments
  2. Automation
    • CI/CD pipelines and quality gates
    • Test Automation: Unit, Fictional, Non-functional level
    • Repeatable processes and flows
    • Infrastructure and tooling
  3. Testing processes
    • Sprint level testing
    • Regression testing
    • Non-functional testing
    • Integration and E2E testing 
  4. Test documentation
    • Test cases
    • Test plans
    • Reports
    • Test data
    • Test evidences
  5. Quality Control
    • Quality check points on sprint and release level
    • Set of Quality metrics 
  6. Skills & Knowledge
    • Asses knowledge level
    • Mechanism to improve the skill set